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Mar. 22nd, 2011

daadaa I want that!

Writer's Block: Friends of old

Do you have a childhood friend that you still think about and miss? What happened to him or her?

I do have a number of people in mind. Most of them are my neighbors. sometimes do I take on field trips down the memory lane and wonder how we drifted apart. We still do see each other since we still live in the same neighborhood but sometimes I cant help but miss the old days. :)

Mar. 4th, 2011

daadaa I want that!

Writer's Block: Life's lessons

If you could confront the worst teacher you've ever had, what would you tell him or her?

the worst teacher isn't the one who have been too strict on his/her students nor the one who gave lots of home works or projects ,but the one who just see his/ her students as cash cows, nothing more, nothing less, and those who got into the profession just for the sake of getting one.

Mar. 3rd, 2011

daadaa I want that!

Writer's Block: Into the night

How would you describe your perfect evening in six words (e.g., I stayed home and ate pasta)?

cool breeze, me off to dreamland

Oct. 25th, 2010

daadaa I want that!

Down With Love

The Taiwanese Drama Down with Love started airing today at ABS-CBN Ch.2 replacing the Kdrama He's Beautiful" on its time slot (around 5:00 p.m).
It stars Ella Chen ( Hanazakarino Kimitachihe -a.k.a Hana Kimi) and Jerry Yan (Meteor Garden).

I think its kinda cute. I like Ella's act in Hana Kimi and I also miss seeing Jerry Yan on our t.v screen.

But why o why, the same time slot with Temptation of Wife, which is being aired on another channel

Oct. 24th, 2010

daadaa I want that!

a Sunday to remember

Another kido is added to my short-list (yet. And I hope it won't grow) of god-children.

I'm not mad, nor sad, nor happy about it. It's just that I don't see the logic of having me as a God-mother when
  1. I don't have job yet. - Christmas presents and stuff really hurt my piggy bank
  2. I don't see this child that often - building a close relationship is close to impossible
  3. I'm not that religious - remember the duties of God-parents?
Oh. Well..Whatever. Some things can't be undone. How I wish there is an UNDO button I can push whenever I want have to.

Any way...

This afternoon I met up with my SG friends. It's been a while since we last saw each other (about a month ago?). As a bonding activity, we watched *drum roll*

(my 1st time watching this, while my other companions have already watched this before but the never get tired of re-watching it- Now I know why)


A Moment to Remember (Eraser in My Head)
(none of us have watched it before)

Well what can I say? I LOVED both movies and I highly recommend them!

*I'm thinking about writing a review of the films but I'll leave that for some other day, for another post.*

I like this kind of days where in I can spend time with friends.
Some may call it boring but it is these kind of days that I really wish to remember and treasure.

Oct. 19th, 2010

mad hatter

another NOT TO DO LIST

Since sembreak started early for me (while some of my other classmates still have classes until tomorrow), my friends who live nearby decided to watch a movie. Can you guess what we watched today?  (Ignore the 3D sign on the poster).

I don't regret watching the film with them but a part of me is saying that I should have just watched it by myself or with another group of people who are less irritating or less distracting.- no regrets huh?
And hey guess what? I've decided to make a list of NOT TO DO THINGS WHEN WATCHING MOVIES WITH FRIENDS while reflecting on the things that have happened today.

  1. Tell a story of something that you happen remember, especially when your story is not a bit related to the movie (ex. story about you bumping into your ex who is already with another)
  2. Tickling or hitting one of your friends because you are no longer interested in the movie. YOU may be the only person who have lost interest in the movie.
  3. Walk back and fort in front of the screen
  4. Make comments that are NONSENSE - somehow the same as with no.1
  5. Make silly noises just to attract attention to your self - somehow the same as with no.1

To sum this all: BE CONSIDERATE OF OTHERS and to think that the others watching are YOUR FRIENDS

That's all for now. I'm planning to re-watch this film again some other time. That is if I could remember to do so.

daadaa I want that!

Writer's Block: MAKE IT STOP!

What was the last song you couldn't get out of your head no matter how hard you tried?

Oct. 18th, 2010

daadaa I want that!

Worlds Within

The Kdrama Worlds Within started airing today at QTv Ch.11 at 7:00 p.m
It stars Song Hye Kyo (Endless Love-Autumn Tale, Full House) and Hyeon Bin (My Lovely Kim Sam Soon).
I like both Song Hye Kyo and Hyeon Bin. I'm not so sure about the drama's plot but the teaser's I've seen seem cute though and I liked tonight's episode.
I'm looking forward to this drama!


Sep. 19th, 2010

daadaa I want that!

Family Sunday

Today, my mom and I watched the movie Sa'yo Lamang while waiting for the dermatologist.

At first, I was hesitant to watch the movie for I'm not a fan of dramatic films, but because of my mom, and the fact that we don't that have "bonding memories" I agreed.

I don't regret doing so. The movie's story was nice and touching and it had a lot of things to teach its viewers about family, love, responsibility and forgiveness. I really hope many families would watch this film too, together.

Jul. 4th, 2010

daadaa I want that!

hey! today is july 4!! which means....

生日 快樂

GACKT and A.Jin!!

Again..Age Doesn't matter when it doesn't show...;p

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